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OTP recs

for ease of sharing. also if maggie or laura made you come here please say hi.

David Silva/David Villa (and/or gen about either)

Introductory Italian
So Many Foreign Roads
And Goliath
Three Words We Never Say
(and it was a serious fucking struggle to cut it down to this list, so, also everything else. look around her lj for sure.)

The Poppy Harvest

The Distance Between Two Bodies (and its followups)

New York, New York
the sun sets in paradise
How David Villa learned to stop :|-ing and love David Silva (with a little help from Cesc)
The one where Pepe Reina gets a pair of gay cats

how to say goodbye in three different languages
at the end of the day
this is where we live

five times somebody called David Silva's bluff


two thousand one hundred and ninety six kilometers

5 Times David Silva Missed David Villa

Soulpatch Wishes

the thundering waves are calling me home

Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk

The Tale of the Courtier
The Long Siesta
Miss Independent + Criminal
Calling Out The Dead
(there's definitely more as side pairings; for ex. see "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell")

Dry Season
Abort, Retry, Fail
Origin Stories

Raúl González/Fernando Morientes

The Tenth of February
Children of Piraeus
(more at this account too)

untitled coach Mori ficlet
with love, from everywhere but where you are

The Tale of the Courtier
Calling Out The Dead
A Steamwork Crumpet
this ficlet

357 Kilometers

Five Things That Never Happened To Fernando Morientes
the remains of the day
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[trans] Spitz - "Sara sara" (Murmurs)

For the anon who asked for this ages ago -- hopefully you see this! -- in honor of the fact that 1) Monday's concert was one of the most fun shows I have ever been to (and you will hear about this in more detail, sketchy concert report track record or no, because I have already typed up 90% of my impressions) and 2) this song almost made me cry live lololol.

Note on the title: I went with "Murmurs", like the sound a brook makes, because of the bridge. However though it generally means a rustling/swishing sound it can ALSO mean dry/dried up (さらさらした土), which in this case is an equally if not more valid interpretation. In fact I am still not totally satisfied with this choice and like many other things it remains subject to change.

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fic: truth in advertising (ronaldo/kaka)

so I wrote this like... two years ago? but could never get the final scene to my liking. then I rediscovered it a couple days ago and thought "hey, this isn't bad," and then yesterday happened (or didn't happen, as allegiances dictate). any resemblance to actual commercial organizations living or dead is of course a complete coincidence.

(Is there anyone who still prefers the livejournal layout for reading? I can crosspost if necessary, I'm just lazy these days.)

Truth in Advertising
Cristiano Ronaldo/Kaká
3345 words

One week to finalize a whole campaign pitch, the entirety of which will be centered around this sixty second television spot that is, currently, a blank document. Cris is so fucked. (AU)
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yuletide... fic...? (orso e intellettuale)

I never got around to crossposting this. Because I never responded to comments. Because I'm a bad person. But rumors of Alessandro Nesta's imminent retirement reminded me, so uh. How about that Yuletide fic? Mine was for basso's Orso e Intellettuale series (read it*), in theory, and for the Rome derby in practice. As noted afterwards, the timeline doesn't work at all (see above), but the Venn Diagram of "very familiar with football timelines" and "very familiar with basso timelines" is vanishingly small. Also, I do what I want.

*not that I condone piracy, ahem, but you can find j-scans at nihonomaru and various other internet locales. Amato Amaro is the volume you want.

andata e ritorno
1142 words

Vittorio visits Rome and expands his cultural horizons.
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(no subject)

I've been very awol from this journal lately, but. I hope everyone reading this is doing well right now, and that you have a lovely day regardless of what you celebrate. Merry Christmas. :)
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(no subject)

Hello Yuletide writer! I am so sorry about my abbreviated sign ups; I was rushing like crazy to get the thing in before deadline. Of course if you'd rather go with less than more, go for it! I am way over in the Optional Details Are Optional camp and would always prefer a writer to feel excited rather than forced. :)

Last year's letter, which gives an idea of my general preferences, is here. Any questions you need answered can be directed at nahco3. More specifically:

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a long-awaited posting

it has come to my attention that I have been letting down my end on the chatfic posting front. meaning it's time for the return of...

Late Night AU Theater, part 3245721

with your hosts, nahco3 and acchikocchi

tonight we introduce the first installment of our landmark series, Hookers That Sleep With Professors. (stay tuned long enough and you'll catch the tennis special, starring David Ferrer and Janko Tipsarevic. OH YOU THINK I'M KIDDING.) despite the fact that this chat occurred nearly a year ago the general concept has provided HOURS OF AMUSEMENT since. it is also very long. don't say I didn't warn you.

acchikocchi: now that my mind is on the subject
i would like to read some alvaro/raul that i did not write
nahco3: I feel you completely
but like what if it caught on
and then in a year there would be fic
where Raul was a heroin addicted hooker
and Alvaro was a professor
you would regret it
acchikocchi: chokes
oh my god
but i would also probably skim it out of morbid curiosity
to see just how you could DO that
nahco3: ok if I wrote you Alvaro/Raul
maybe Raul would not have a heroin addiction
acchikocchi: SO JUST A HOOKER THEN
he would be such a cheerful one though
actually that would be kind of hilarious

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in summary:
acchikocchi: how the hell did i end up telling a story about raul albiol as a hooker, anyway
nahco3: um
I made up
acchikocchi: i think this is your fault.
nahco3: a badfic summary?
so not my fault here
acchikocchi: i'd like to blame you anyway
are you sure it's not
it would just be convenient.
nahco3: I am DV
ok, I called the hooker
but you are Alvaro