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dear yuletider

Hello, Yuletide writer! Thank you so much for offering to write one of these fandoms - I can promise you I'm already thrilled at the prospect of receiving fic for any of these. I say this for every exchange, but the most important thing is that you write something you enjoy or are inspired by, so please feel free to disregard all prompts if you have a Really Great Idea.

A few random things I tend to like, without ANY kind of expectation you include any of them: a strong sense of place, conflict between personal happiness and the greater good, unspoken feelings, small gestures that speak loudly. In general I like endings shading from bittersweet to outright happy, though I enjoy angst preceding that point plenty. As for fandoms specifically, I don't think there's much to elaborate on, but I'll add a couple lines just in case. Thank you again, so much!

Dorothy Sayers

Like many other fans, it's Harriet to whom I'm most attached. Peter/Harriet fic (before or after marriage) would be lovely, of course, but I'd be equally thrilled with fic focusing on Harriet and her female friends from Strong Poison, or her days at Oxford, or the struggles/rewards of a writing life.

I don't think there's much to add here - I'm afraid this might not be too helpful but I'm really happy to read whatever you feel like trying! Some of the things I like most about Harriet are her strong sense of self and her evolving creative/intellectual aspirations, if that helps.

Points series

I do ship Nico/Phillip and the classic missing piece friends-to-lovers story would be DELIGHTFUL, but I'd also love to read plotty case fic, or fic exploring the worldbuilding, or any kind of Nico backstory.

While pairing fic would be wonderful (the idea mentioned above/a missing scene from one of the books/post-Point of Dreams fic) I'm not kidding when I say I love plot and mystery and worldbuilding, so if you'd like to write gen or mostly gen, that's great! If you want to explore Nico's past more, I'd love to hear about him coming up through the points, or whatever else strikes your fancy - the only thing I'd ask is that if you want to play around with Nico's former relationships, I'd prefer it if the focus of the story wasn't say, the tale of their One True Romance? I'm an OTP shipper at heart, you see. :) And of course if you wanted to combine any of these things - a casefic in which Nico and Philip incidentally start sleeping together, or Nico telling Philip a story from his past, or what have you - that would be wonderful, too... :D

A Suitable Boy

Ever since finishing this book I've been dying to read someone's take on what happens to Maan and Firoz after the end of the novel, and what shape their relationship takes. I - I would love something optimistic, but I understand if actual history makes that too difficult.

I feel almost guilty narrowing such an expansive book down to two side characters, but I saw the nomination and couldn't help it. To expand on the last line of the prompt, I would love to see them in some kind of relationship, bittersweet though it may be, and hopefully not in the midst of an Epic Tragedy, but don't feel you need to strain the bounds of historical plausibility - or characterization. Really any glimpse into the future would be very welcome. :D
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