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home of lost causes

screaming cardiac frenzy of berserk despair
26 July 1986
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mostly flocked. drop a comment and I'm happy to friend back. for the purposes of age-restricted communities etc: i am over 18!

completed fic is indexed; other assorted bits are included under the fic tag.

ac milan, bad j-dramas, chara, college hockey, conversations about writing, copland, diana wynne jones, dorothy dunnett, dorothy sayers, ecclesiastical architecture, faiz ahmed faiz, fandom nostalgia, free burma, g-defend, ginger swag, hiking, japanese, jinjuu houretsuden, johnny's & associates, josephine tey, journalism vs technology, kawase hasui, kusano masamune, manic pixie dream silva, maruyama kaoru, meriel, morimoto shuw, motel, nodame cantabile, programmer's burnout, rayo vallecano de madrid, real madrid, ridiculous au fic, seaborn for america, sheila on 7, soccerball, spitz, sports narratives, studio ghibli, supporting the japanese economy, taisho period, temeraire, terrible bl manga, the milan wall, translation challenges, vienna teng, スピッツ, 弓道, 蝦夷